Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dessert Lovers

I am continually amazed by how much people like dessert. We tease kids for being so sugar focused, but the truth is that adults can be just as obsessed. Ten years ago, cupcakes were thought of as something you serve at a kids birthday party. These days, you had better have enough for all the kids and the moms and dads.

How about birthday cake? My older son turned four just after Thanksgiving and because we hosted and
I cooked my brains out, I decided to order a cake instead of making one. I have never been a fan of that type of cake - you know, decorated well, but frosted way too thickly with something shortening based. Give me a plain piece of pound cake any day. But what do you know, the adults inhaled the cake almost as fast as the kids. People just love cake.

For my baby's birthday party, I decided to make the ice cream cake found in the
Sky High book. I love that she specifically says it's great for a kid's birthday party, but I would not hesitate to make this for anyone's birthday party! It was really special and can be made in advance. The cake has two thin layers of chocolate cake sandwiching a full half gallon of ice cream (I used cookies and cream mixed in with homemade chocolate sauce). The whole thing is covered with a chocolate ganache and returned to the freezer to set up.

Putting the finishing touches on the cake.


I love how he is looking at me like, "Is this for me?"

Turns out he liked it.

So did his big brother.


veggie belly said...

Very cute! Looks like the cake turned out great! Yes, im always amazed at how many adults like sweet stuff!

Emily Rose said...

ok I am definitely an adult who is guilty of loving sweets! I have been like this my whole life- but it is so much worse when I'm pregnant! That cake sounds wonderful and the decoration turned out adorable!

lisaiscooking said...

Cute boys, and cute cake! I pass on the shortening frosting as well, but the ice cream cake would be a different story.

merathon said...

can you post your recipe? since you made some changes, it's not plagiarizing from the book, right?

Chris said...

He definitely had a great birthday with a Mom like you to make a cake like that! :)

Dana Treat said...

Thanks everyone for you nice comments (always...)

Merathon, I will post the recipe some time soon. I didn't only because it is kind of long and involved.