Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I know I just had a weekend away, but here comes another one. In just a few minutes, I am heading to the airport to get on a flight - by myself - to sunny L.A. One of my very favorite friends lives there with her lovely partner and their little boy who I have not met. Karen is a college friend and really the only person I have stayed in touch with these many years. I am so excited to leave the rain, excited to have some girl time, excited to meet another little boy to fall in love with, but I have to tell you - right now, I am so excited to sit on a plane and read trashy magazines.


Andrea said...

Oooo, trashy magazine, sunny LA! Have a great time!

Miss Marie said...

HaHa! Me too! I love flying because I always eat junky airport fast food (hello Cinnabon) and read a bunch of trashy magazines. Have a wonderful trip!!!!